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Quality Control

Quality Control

The evening wear business, being occasion driven, brings forth a very demanding set of customers expecting a high quality product befitting the gazing eyes of the onlookers. These hand crafted garments need extra careful handling and know how.

So, here are few things we do to make sure that you get the right quality product:

  • Each panel individually checked against the pattern
  • Single Cutting/Re-cutting.
  • Every Garment Dummy Checked twice
  • Mending work by expert team of mending staff and checked thrice over by experienced checkers.
  • Every garments dummy steamed before packing.

So, going by the above methodology, every single piece goes through at least 5 different hands before being packed. Just shows the commitment to quality and assurance of delivering the right product.

Our factory is socially compliance with SEDEX.

We believe in giving the best performance with our desired hardwork and not much to just certificates.

We believe that our quality is like a magnet for the clients. And we do what we believe here at FA EXPORTS.

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